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advanced heat treatment workshop, which offers a wide range of heat treatment and chemical heat treatment services.

Our priorities are high quality of provided services, short lead times and social responsibility.
MEDUNA vakuová kalírna
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MEDUNA vakuová kalírna s.r.o. - universal partner for heat treatment

Our Company is building on the business tradition of the founder, Mr. Miroslav Meduna and his firm, established in 1999. The Company provides heat treatment and chemical heat-treatment services for steel and other metallic materials. Long term cooperation is the main priority of the team, striving to satisfy all the customers’ needs in the field of heat treatment.

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The Company provides wide range of heat treatment services:

logo kalirna50metal materials advisory and their heat treatment
logo kalirna50 hardening, salt, oil and vacuum nitrogen quenching
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carburising including low-pressure, carbonitriding, nitriding and nitrocarburizing
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metallographic analytical methods including microscopy and spectral analysis


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